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A long awaited Up-date and Check out our new site for GIRLS!!

By Dawn | February 9, 2010

Hi there,

It has been a while since Kristy or I posted anything.  The last two years have been amazing!  From film festivals to conferences and university screenings to getting on public television GOING ON 13 has been around town and around the country (and beyond).

The following things have happened since we last wrote:

Kristy and I were on the California Report with Scott Shafer (he is so cool).

Esme, Isha, Kristy and I went to the KGO studios to be on the radio with Gil Gross (he’s super cool too)!!  Ariana called in.  It was a fun show.

I got to meet one of the women in the film making and art making world that inspires me: Josefina Lopez!  She is the founder of the Boyle Heights Latina International Film Extravaganza, yes, BHLIFE in East LA!!!  They gave us the BEST DOC award! I was so proud to be with mis hermanas receiving the award.  So many other fine film makers were there.  It was truly my favorite film festival and a great way to end 2009!

Finally, we have been working for MONTHS on our GURLS TALK BACK site.  A social networking site for girls and their allies.  We have worked with Michelle Halsell of Missing Pixel, Mariela Donis & Kiku Johnson and their girls and young women of Girls Inc of Alameda County, and many others to create this site.  We had a number of logistical and safety concerns to resolve and overall it was a lot tougher to pull off than we thought but it is up and running and ready for girls to join.  Two of the young women that you met on this blog last summer, Katarina and Frances, have joined our team as the youth moderators of the GURLS TALK BACK site.  They are doing a great job and will make sure that only girls and safe adults are on the site and that the discussions, pictures, videos, etc are fun, safe, engaging and appropriate but still REAL.  PLEASE check it out and make sure to invite your favorite pre-teen girls to join!

The girls in the film are now young women–in college, working and making plans for their future.  As a parent I know how quickly time flies and how our young sweet little babies turn into kids, then teens and then adults.  It goes by super fast so don’t take a moment of it for granted.  I can’t believe my son is 14.  He’s still my baby but it is time to give him room to grow.  When I started GOING ON 13 with Kristy my son was 4.  Shocking I know.  The film is a central theme in his life.  I hope he remembers it fondly and appreciates the girls and women around him because of it.  I think he does.

Both Kristy and I are still committed to doing outreach, promotion, screenings and distribution of the film.  We are also working on other projects and living life with our much neglected families and friends.  We could not have had the successful year in 2009 of outreach and distribution if not for our favorite Outreach Coordinator (I think she’s the QUEEN of all things outreach and distribution and other stuff too–just good people, you know?), EVA MOSS.  She is seriously one of the most organized, level-headed women I have ever met–far wiser than her age.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Eva, please don’t ever leave us!

We are still available for screenings!  Sorry I didn’t have pictures.  I’ll try to add some later.  thanks for all of your love, it really means a lot.

Keep in touch!  Have a great 2010!

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So many things happening this month!

By Kristy | October 7, 2009

Going on 13 Header
Click to view this email in a browser

Hi Folks,
Going on 13 has big news for those of you in the Bay Area: we just got our local broadcast dates, and we got into the Oakland Film Festival!

Fr 10/16 @ 11pm on KTEH
Mon 11/2 @ 11pm on KQED

Oakland Film Fest– with both Dawn & Kristy in attendance!
Sat 10/10 @ 5pm, Merritt College
Mon 10/12, 5pm, Jack London Theater #1

Help us get Going on 13 out there by forwarding this message to a friend, becoming a fan of our Facebook Page, and WATCHING THE FILM! Thank you!

Going on 13 continues to be scheduled for broadcast all around the country. Check the ITVS At-A-Glance Page, and enter your state for all the details.

If your local station has not yet programmed the film, call them and ask when they’ll be showing it. You can find their contact info here.

You can also purchase a copy of Going on 13. For educational or institutional versions, visit our distributor New Day Films. For home video copies, click here.

Paypal button to purchase Going on 13

Image from Behind the Scenes Video
Screenings & Press:
Listen to Dawn and Kristy on NPR’s The California Report Friday October 9 at 4:30, 6:30, 11:30p. Click the link above to listen online.

India West just recently featured Going on 13 in their paper. If you know of other press outlets that might like to do an article/interview etc., let us know.

Directors/Producers Dawn Valadez &
Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
will attend:
Oct 15 Girls Inc Pacific Regional Conference, Alameda, CA
Nov 14 Reg 1&2 After-School Conf. Key Note, Santa Rosa, CA

Director/Producer Dawn Valadez will attend:
Oct 19-20 School’s Out Washington
Oct 21-23 Reel Girls, Real Change conference in NY
Nov 18 Yuba City. CA ‘Parent University’

Have you checked out our behind-the-scenes video yet? Why not?! Watch two of the girls––now 18 years old––from Going on 13 interview Kristy and Dawn.

GurlsTalkBack––our interactive website for girls––is about to go live! Get ready for some serious (ly fun) social networking: including games, photo and video sharing, blogging, and a collection of resources. We are forever grateful to Girls Inc of Alameda County and Michelle Halsell of Missing Pixel for all your incredible work.

We are still raising money to host the site, and you can help! Connect us to anyone you know who might be interested, or contact us with any ideas you have.

Thanks for everything. We are always happy to talk about outreach ideas for Going on 13, so don’t be shy!

Dawn & Kristy
Going on 13

Four Stars! An inspiring close-up on girls who are
at an age that is usually quite impenetrable to adults.”

—Time Out New York

Subtle, nuanced, powerful and right on!
Sharon Lamb, Professor, Author, Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers’ Schemes

Read More Reviews

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New GO13 Behind-the-scenes video

By outreach | August 31, 2009

For ITVS’ pilot Project 360 program we created a fantastic new behind-the-scenes video where Kristy and Dawn meet up with two of the girls––now 18 years old––from Going on 13. Find out where they are now, and see them turn the tables and interview the filmmakers:

Pic from GO13 Update Video

Our kick-ass interns’ reactions to the updates:
Frances- Dannng, Ariana and Esme are so grown up now! They look beautiful and more mature. I’m so happy for them two, graduating from high school and moving on with their lives. Yippee! I wish all four girls were there for the Update Video. I wanted to see how all four girls changed-physically, and personality wise. Esme said she grew more wiser, I believe that’s true. She grew up to be herself, and to ignore what others told her- like “He hate Mexicans.” Esmeralda has become a beautiful young woman (:. Both young ladies have sprouted to be independent and .. “Strong, Smart, and Bold.” Ariana has built herself to the top. She knows what she wants and how to succeed. She was confident then and confident now. Remember Ariana said she wanted to be a lawyer, she found her passion in being around kids, leading to the desire of being a teacher. I think that’s awesome. I’m 16 now and I still don’t know what exactly what I want to do or be when I grow up. I wonder how Isha and Rosie are! Did Rosie decide to go to college? How has Isha changed? This update video is an awesome follow up.

Katarina- I love these girls soo much! They’ve grown to be beautiful lovely ladies! I wish I knew what Isha and Rosie we’re up to. Oh well, hopefully someday we’ll find out what they’re doing. (oprah?)Man, Esme and Ariana pretty much have everything figured out, they have a REALLY good idea about where they want to be in life….luckies (LOL). It’s PSYCHO how much the girls have changed. They’ve moved on to bigger and better things, carrying strong wills and even stronger beliefs.
I love how for the first time we see the girls asking the directors (Dawn and Kristy), and getting some cool answers like why they picked those girls, what was the most exciting parts, and some good analysis of what the “camera crew” (Dawn and Kristy) thought of  working around young girls for 4 years.
Everyone should get on this upload and CHECK IT OUT! Cause even though I watched the movie, there is still plenty to learn about the wickedly awesome dudettes behind the scenes as well as the stars. There is still a lot people can discover about themselves with these girls help.

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Ink-Stained Amazon interviews us for Bitch Magazine Blog

By Kristy | August 29, 2009


I met the amazing Jen Stuller while researching my upcoming doc project, The History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman. She wrote the most wonderful book, Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology, about female action heroes. I got the chance to meet her in Seattle and interview her all about her work!

Well, now, Jen has interviewed us for her film blog, Grrl on Film, over at Bitch Magazine Blogs. Its great to be in such good company. Her posts have included the subjects of Tarantino, Lois Lane, and Modesty Blaise to name a few! Plus who doesn’t love Bitch Magazine!?!

Here is part one of the interview and now part two!


Let us know what you think!

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BEWARE… it’s female

By Kick-butt interns | August 24, 2009


Frances- There are a lot of stereotypes in this world.  But for starters as a young woman myself, i hate hearing the sexist jokes and stereotypes about girls and womyn. It just shows the ignorance and nerves of this unawared jerk. The interns most recent blog was about youth power- and coming from Girls Inc., AYPAL, and STP, one of our group agreements is NO ISM’s. To evaluate, ‘No isms’ mean No putting down another group: No being sexist, racist, and etc. This topic was chosen because of this video me and kati watched. It’s pretty crazy! and funny! And im not laughing about how all the drivers are women. Thats not true! Not all women cant drive. My mom drives perfectly GREAT. At the end of the video, it shows a caption of “Ooops… that was a man” or something. and the scene was him doing an pefect quick park or whatever. JUST watch it and you’ll understand what im talking about. female driver compilation? QUICK story! In my 10th grade year, my english teacher was telling a story about how…. Women can’t drive and he totally jinxed himself. I forget, then something happened to him. FAIL. hah~ that proves him wrong :] . Wat other… the stereotype about how women has to be a loyal wife, dedicated mother, etc. ahhhh that’s bull poop. For example let’s take Dawn Valadez for example. She’s an awesome mother and umm.. A FILM maker. and development manager of DSFRC. oh and a wife! 4 occupations, she’s a strong smart and bold woman. :)Well ladies, next time you hear a “She throws like a girl….” or “Women can’t drive” , TELL THEM TO PUT A SOCK IN IT. or respond “How does a girl throw” …. thats how i usually ask them.

WATCH VIDEO: Female Driver Compilation

Katarina: So women are still housewives…HUH!!?? WHAAAAT!!! I do not get it! Nowadays with the unfair pay (for every dollar a dude makes, a chick makes 73 cents) Women have to work 3x MORE than a guy to get ahead! WHYYY!??

I mean that whole “where’s my dinner” thing is sooo 1950’s.  Are guys scared that if women get fair pay, they’re going to loose that one thing that makes them feel better than us? (LAWL)  but seriously grow up! Even with all these sterotypes hitting us down all the time, we’re still a whole lot better(HA HA!)  Do you think a guy could really handle having a job where gender defined how little they gets paid, then working all day on some proposal the boss throws on ’em last second, on top of a report due the same day, later picks up the kids from school, go to daughters soccer practice, come home and while the significant other talks about their hard day at work, you cook dinner. yeah… Guys can’t take that. After two days of that they would quit their job, get into comedy then complain on Comedy Central about how difficult women are. Man can that get annoying! ALL people talk about is either how sexy a woman is or how much they moan & groan all day. GOSH! shut up lol.  I know so many awesome women who would put any stereotype into fear and shove it in a cave far away! Frances, Esme, Rosie, Ariana, Isha, Dawn, Kristy and Eva… Koodos for being AWESOME!

                                               D: ~Girls get tired of your complaining too boys, we’re not the only ones who do it.~D:

                      commission___aladdin__s_wish_by_archvermin.jpg <—–=——–Explains everything I wanted to say in this Blog.

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Esmerella, Sleeping Rosie, Snow-Isha, & The Little Mariana!

By Kick-butt interns | August 11, 2009


Katarina~: Alrighty people, our topic for today is PRINCESSES. who didn’t want to be a princess when they were little? I know for sure I did. Well, Frances and me recently got back into a bunch of our childhood movies, just so happen to think about which princess relates to which girl in GO13.Mines are Ariana and Esme (yay!) Jasmine from Aladdin came to mind when I thought of Ariana, Jasmine is just sick and tired of the royal life, wanting to go out and be free of any sort of rules or regulations. Ariana is totally like because Jasmine is tired of being locked into a certain way of living her whole life, as well as extremely clever and headstrong. Nothing like a girl who has a mind of her own right? Ariana didn’t really like the idea of being labeled a girly girl, plus she’s just as clever and driven as any guy she may meet. The number one word I would use to describe the two of them is INDEPENDENT.

Neeeeeeeeeeeext there’s Esmerelda, when I was watching The Little Mermaid I thought of her. Ariel felt like she never quite felt right where she was living, but she was well loved as Daddy’s little girl. Once she saw Mr. Prince Charming, Ariel’s world became engulfed in trying to win his heart. And she did, but she almost got “caught”so she had to return to the sea. Eventually she gets to meet him, but she can’t tell him that the one he’s been searching for is right in front of him!(got her voice stolen from some sassy octopus)Anyways Ariel is trying to get Mr. Prince Charming’s attention off of the “dream girl” and onto herself with her pretty face, and her looks. Esme is just like this girl (only she’s waaaay better at balancing family and love). Esmerelda was Daddy’s little girl, receiving lots of attention. Since, she was a little girl she was into the boys and trying to find different ways go get them to check her out. For Esme it was them hootchie clothes, for Ariel it was pretty dresses and hair ornaments. The only big difference is that Ariel dropped her entire life just to hook up with this man that she hardly knew!

*~At least Esmerelda got some pride left in her to lead her own life. *high five girl*

Frances- Hi! Sleeping Rosie and Snow-Isha. As you read earlier, Kati probably explained the reasoning behind our choice of resembling Princesses to the four girls of Going on 13. Now, Isha is similar to Mulan (which i was watching just yesterday) and Rosie relates to Belle (and i had to research a little bit of background information and omg, theyre so similar.) Snow-Isha &Mulan both come from very strict, traditional, and subordinate societies. While Mulan portrays the details and traditions of China, Isha and her Mother expose their customs from India. For the ones who dont know the storyline of Mulan: The Huns invaded China, and one man from every family is expected to fight in the war. Mulan doesn’t want her father to fight due to his age and health, so she steps up and expands her boundaies and impersonates herself as a soldier. To the folks of China, she is considered breaking the law and is a ‘disgrace’ to her family. But to herself, she is proving her inner strength and her abilities to do anything. Isha, on the other hand reveals a womyn’s position in a regular household of an ordinary Indian family. Every summer, Isha goes to India to visit her family. She plays games, and feeds chickens on her family’s rural farm. Her inner conflict is balancing the American life and the traditional Indian life. Mulan and Isha are both from countries that look upon womyn. They have different ways to prove others wrong: Mulan proves others that a young woman like herself is capable of fighting and doing anything her mind is set to. Isha mixes in the American lifestyle like admiring the Power Puff girls into her Indian home.Next I have, Sleeping Rosie who relates to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I googled Belle, and as I read her personality/description, I can see Rosie. They both love to read. Belle is compassionate (helping others like her father and the beast), and strong (voices herself to the beast, talks back to him.) Rosie lives mostly with her mother, and is always helping her. She is mature and adjusts her attitude that is suitable when she’s with adults. They’re both independent, and responsible for themselves. Belle takes care of her Dad and Rosie takes care of her Mother as she grows older. Each girl has an inner princess. Going on 13’s Princesses J  

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Latino Public Broadcast says….

By Kristy | August 4, 2009


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By Kick-butt interns | July 29, 2009

Frances: “Ain’t no power like the power of the youth, cause the power of the youth don’t stop, SAY WHAT?”   .    Today,  July 29th of 2009 is Me and Kati’s last working day of Girls Inc. Eureka internship program! We decided to write our  last blog …. something about … dedicated to …. the youth in general. I’ve been part of Girls Inc since.. the summer of 2006. Eureka! was the first Girls inc program I joined. Until I found out about the HEART program… which i found out thru my 1st eureka internship. (which was @Girls Inc Office in SL). I’m also in other youth programs outside of Girls inc. During the school year, I participate in AYPAL, and STP. Aypal is an acronym for Asian and Pacific Islanders Youth Promoting Advocacy Leadership, it’s open for all kinds, all youth. And stp is Serve the People. Both, have the same intentions, fighting for social justice, educating the youth with what’s up, and also teaching the youth to embrace their culture and roots. Thruout my sophomore year, I tried to participate in many events and rallys. I learned a lot from all the programs i joined. Whether its advocating for myself, womyn’s rights, social justice, appreciating my culture, or learning more about birth contraceptives.  I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence and all these programs have helped me with my future. i shall definately pursuea career dealing with kids and social justice :) YEUHHH~!


Katarina: oooooookiiiiiieeees! Yuppies, my days being a part of Eureka’s Internship program is coming to a close, noooooooo!!! Frances has had A LOT of variety in her youth programs while I just kinda stuck around with Girls Inc my whole life. My first year of Girls Inc programing was in…2000? i think, well I was in 1st grade for sure! And it’s kinda cool to say that you were in a program for 10 years. Plus I think it’s funny when the new leaders don’t know how long i’ve been around, and STILL trying to shove the message of Girls Inc (Strong, Smart, and Bold) down my throat. L O L ? But anyways, the program got me interning here so I’m very happy, but sad cause the adventure’s gonna be ending sooon! more nooooooooooooooo!!!!… Hmm. yeah, I completely recommend going out there and volunteering your time to some kind of youth organization cause soooo many more opportunities and funness! I even gotted started this Octogon program at my HS too. Community service! WOOHOO! nothing like spending Saturday’s with friends serving the old, and helping the young! Im gonna miss ya Eureka!! ? GUUURL~


P.S. expect more blogs from Frances & Katarina ! our internship is being stretched to Tuesday’s in August! YAY!

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August 6th, Screening in San Leandro

By Kristy | July 27, 2009


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By Kick-butt interns | July 21, 2009

photo-101.jpgKatarina: ok, so I personally have had a

BUNCH of experience with the online chatrooms. They could be really fun or extremely creepy, cause as much as you meet cool peoples, yeah there are some weirds ones out there (so weird the whole “are they really the age they say they are” thing comes in). I actually have talked to people claiming to be 14 but are really like 26. And it CREEPS ME OUT! Some girls my age actually like it!!!

:::::::::::::!!~~ RIGHT?!~~!!:::::::::::::

Frances: Whose Space? It’s certainly not MYspace. Get it? Because online, the international widely-used internet is everybody’s space. From anonymous emails, to crazy chatrooms to popular social networks like myspace, facebook. The internet has taken over. (hahaa) The very-loved monster has been around for a while It’s a paid type of entertainment (either from comcast, dsl, etc) that allows kids to do practically anything! EBAY, craig’s list, google, myspace, AIM, chatting, shopping online, ordering pizza–woah. Sadly, many incidents have happened D: Meeting a possibly “nice friend online” can be your worst night mare because there are many online sex predators. Have you seen those tv shows where people use different user names like Hottsexiigurl2214 or bootykall101 but in reality they’re middle-aged saggy men? Hard 2 believe but it’s true! BE CAREFUL! Computer nerds have the ability to TRACK YOU DOWN… or as i heard? it’s like those super high-tech programs that searches for your ip address , something like that.. (i watch too much CSI) Remember in the scene in GOING ON 13 where esmeralder’s classmates were in the computer lab for free time? They were in random chatrooms. The scene glanced over the screen, viewing profantity and sxually used messages…MIDDLE SCHOOL! That’s why schools everywhere ban lots of websites. (wake up call..nice.) Awesome Possum!


Here’s something Dawn sent the interns… it’s a bit of the Tech Savvy Kids email:

With a little encouragement we can get our young adults out and
> about, even with the rest of the family. The best way to start is
> to have a casual conversation, possibly over dinner, about up
> coming plans. “What has everyone got planned for the summer
> holidays? What would you like to do?” Younger siblings will usually
> start talking first while your teens may just roll their eyes or
> say nothing. If your teen doesn’t respond ask, “Is there a sport or
> art you’d like to try?” Still no positive response, ask everyone,
> “What could we do on rainy/sunny days?” or “How about….?” Keep
> brainstorming different ideas without censoring. When ideas start
> to slow down suggest topics or themes such as historical sites,
> volunteering, music etc. Some of the ideas will be suitable for the
> whole family but others will be individual pursuits. The idea is to
> open up the conversation and plant “idea” seeds in their minds.
This sums up our third week’s theme: Chatrooms/online social networks–WHOSE SPACE?

Stay in our Blog-capsule: FINAL BLOG IS NEXT WEEK! –surprise theme. Bye! 😀

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